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Web Design Limerick

Web Design & Branding services based in Limerick City, Ireland.

I design branding & websites for female entrepreneurs in Ireland, so they can stand out and attract more clients.

Web Design Limerick

Web Design & Branding services based in Limerick City, Ireland.

I design branding & websites for female entrepreneurs in Ireland, so they can stand out and attract more clients.

Female Entrepreneurs Ireland | Branding & Web Design | Amy Mc Design

Hi, I’m Amy!

I’m a designer based in Limerick and I provide Branding & Web Design services to female-led businesses all over Ireland.

It’s my mission to design high-quality branding & websites for female business-owners, like you – so you can present yourself like the professional you are! Why? Because you deserve to be taken seriously! You have a business that people need. But if that business is presented in an unprofessional way, no one will pay attention.

  • Ready for design that shows how trustworthy your business is?
  • Ready for design that is authentic to you?
  • Ready for your business to stand out and be recognised?

Then you are in the right place! I’ve designed branding & websites for many clients, that they are excited to share. I’d love to work with you next!

Why should you invest in a designer?

Learn about my recent client Sue’s experience of hiring me to rebrand her business – Physio Strength Therapy

Web Design Services

WordPress Web Design

Web Design

Your website is the hub of your business’s online presence. And it has a huge impact on your success.

Professional web design has many benefits for your business:

  • A professional website will prove that your business is legit
  • This strong positive impression will build trust with your customers
  • This credibility and trust will boost your business's reputation and revenue
WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the Content Management System I use to create customised websites for my clients.

Using WordPress web design services allows you to:

  • Have a completely unique website design brought to life online
  • Make sure your Branding is used in the best possible way and doesn't get shoved into a standard website template
  • Implement any functionality you need with the plugins that WordPress provides

Branding Services

Branding Ireland

Logo Design

Logo Design is the visual identification of your business.

It's essential that you have the following Logo variations:

  • Primary Logo - This is your main Logo to be used in prominent places.
  • Alternative Logo -  A Logo that gives your brand variety.
  • Submark - A pared back Logo to be used in the smallest places.
Branding Ireland

Branding Design

Branding design ensures that your business has a unique visual look that expresses who you are.

Professional branding design has many benefits for your business:

  • High-quality branding design establishes that your business is high-quality
  • Customers will instantly consider your business an appealing option
  • Making these positive impressions will lead to more purchases
Branding Design Website Design

Uncover your unique brand message in 6 simple steps

In this FREE email course, you’ll uncover the unique brand message that will make your branding design stand out from the crowd, which will ultimately grow your business.

Go from feeling frustrated with your undefined design, to feeling confident that your branding & website is selling what you do and growing your business!

Businesses I’ve helped recently

Web Design Limerick
Web Design Limerick

Lis na Carrig 

Vision & Vow Films

Web Design Limerick
Web Design Limerick

Aventine Gardens

Pipedream Productions

After you work with me…

  • Your business will attract more clients – clients who are excited to engage with your business


  • You will be confident that you have branding and a website that works for you! No more questioning yourself and going down a Google rabbit-hole looking for answers.
  • Your business will finally stand out and begin to be recognised as you will have a strong visual language in place, that is unique to you and your business.
  • You will know how to keep this visual language cohesive across all of your social media platforms, giving your posts the professional edge they’ve been missing!

After you work with me…

    Learn how Branding & Web Design can improve your business

    5 Branding Design mistakes business-owners make 

    4 reasons why investing in Branding Design is worth it 
    The BIGGEST Branding Design myth (that you need to stop believing now) 

    What my clients have to say...

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