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Are you a business in Ireland that needs Logo Design help?

Make sure your business stands out and becomes recognisable with my Logo Design services.

Logo Design Ireland

Logo Design

Logo Design is the visual identification of your business. 

It’s essential that you have the following Logo variations

  • Primary Logo – This is your main Logo to be used in prominent places.
  • Alternative Logo –  A Logo that gives your brand variety.
  • Submark – A pared back Logo to be used in the smallest places.

For a strong effective brand your Logo should also be accompanied by the following

 Colour Palette
 Brand Fonts
 Brand Pattern
 Brand Collateral
 Brand Guidelines

Take a look at some of my Logo Design examples for Irish businesses

A Logo alone isn’t enough to stand out and communicate your brand message effectively.

Logo Design Ireland | Branding Design Ireland

Your Logos are only as strong as the Branding Design that they are a part of.

Your Branding Design is made up of your Primary Logo, Alternative Logo, Submark, Colour Palette, Fonts and Brand Pattern. And all of this information will be housed in your Brand Guidelines document for you to refer to, to keep everything you need designed for your business consistent and correct.

Strong Branding Design will be based off your unique brand message. If your Branding isn’t rooted in your brand message then it won’t feel right to you or impress your clients. You’ll end up with something that you want to constantly change, have no confidence in and most significantly it won’t help grow your business!

“Amy added my brand colours and logos to Canva too which I love as it makes it very easy for me now to create things using my branding”

Annmarie Nagle
Marlene & Co

Logo Design Frequently Asked Questions

“Why do I need more than just a Logo?”

You need more than just a logo for your business because without a whole branding strategy and package to go with it, it won’t have anywhere near the professionalism it needs to make an impact. A branding package may not seem like a priority now, but it actually is exactly what you need. Almost all of my clients who came to me thinking they just needed a logo on its own, soon realised how important having a fully designed branding package is for their business.

So they went for it, which didn’t just save them money but it also saved them the time and hassle of coming back to me in a few months time when they realised they needed to know their colour palette, they needed social media images, an alternative logo and that their printer needed print-ready files for their business cards/leaflets etc.

Instead of doing things bit by bit, you can get it all done in one go and save hundreds of euro by going for the package now. As I like to remind people, get your branding done well, get it done once!

“How do you make sure my Logo will stand out?”

My design will be based on your unique brand message. So the design will be tailored exactly to your business, your personality and what makes your business unique.

Through extensive research of your industry competitors, we will make sure you stand out and don’t blend in!

Logo Design Ireland | Branding Design Ireland

“Amy did a brilliant job bringing my brand and logo to life! I wasn’t sure what I was looking for myself, but she expertly guided the experience. ”

Sue Huet
Physio Strength Therapy

Logo Design Ireland | Branding Design Ireland

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