Grainne Travers Nutrition

Grainne Travers is an experienced Nutritional Therapist who work with teams from the Sporting and Corporate worlds. The Branding Design I created for her takes inspiration from her ability to help people implement scientifically-backed nutrition in their lives.

The typography highlights your professional yet approachable nature, with a handwritten typeface matched with a more simple san-serif one. There is a unique shape in the place of the dot over the “i” in Grainne. This shape can be interpreted as a leaf or a seed, to show healthy nutrition and to also show how you plant a “seed” in people’s minds, of a different way of thinking about food. The gradient of different colours on the leaf/seed shape, imitates the natural cycles of food, that Grainne has experience with and knowledge of.

Deliverables Branding Design, Brand Guidelines, Website

Date 2021

I worked with Amy to help redesign my brand and website as part of the Online Trading Voucher I received from Clare Local Enterprise Office. Amy is just fantastic to work with, she is a true professional at what she does. She took the time to listen to what I wanted but also brought her own ideas, experience and creativity. I now have a full brand portfolio from Amy which I can use as part of my social media, print and art work which I use on a daily basis. I know where I am going with my brand and the whole process has helped to give me a clear vision for my business. She also gave me hands on training on editing my website and created and a range of simple support tutorials to have at hand in the future. I will continue to work with Amy and have no hesitation in recommending her to another company.

Grainne Travers Owner, Grainne Travers Nutrition