Margaret Curran Art Therapy

Margaret Curran is an experienced and passionate Art Therapist who practices in her home studio in Flagmount, Co. Clare, as well as in corporate, educational and health settings. We collaborated to bring her Branding and Website to life. The Branding Design draws inspiration from the creative process and the vast potential it has to help people. The customised letter forms and unique placement of “Art Therapy” reflect the expressive nature of art therapy. The star-like motifs communicate the magic people can find when they engage with Margaret Curran Art Therapy. Her website showcases the many sessions Margaret provides, in an organised and engaging way. Margaret’s clients are also able to book Art Therapy sessions with her, whether in person or over the phone/Zoom.

Deliverables Branding, Brand Guidelines, Business Cards, Letterheads, Animation, Icons, Website

Photography Marta Faye

Date 2020

Amy designed my Branding and Website with great skill and dedication. She made every possible effort to understand and facilitate all of my many requests and requirements. She is a brilliant listener and really helped me to put form and order to the many aspects I wanted the website to represent. She is very pro active and provided me with excellent prompts so as to tease out all my ideas and thoughts. She is also remarkably patient and was a great support during the whole background of covid restrictions that accompanied the building of the website, to ensure that everything got finished despite the limitations. I would highly recommend Amy’s service to anybody who wants creative and professional Branding and Web design. And to anybody who needs strong and intelligent guidance to make it happen.

Margaret Curran Owner, Margaret Curran Art Therapy