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Candles with Character

Candles with Character is a personalised candles business based in Ennis, Co.Clare. They approached me to create a modern, clean E-Commerce website that focuses on the user. It’s vital that this site is easy for customers to navigate and order any candle with the specific personalisation they want.

The customer has many options for personalisation, so any candle can suit their needs and the style of their event. This is a responsive website so the layout displays perfectly on every device, which enhances the users experience. Candles with Character now have a contemporary website that will put them ahead of their competitors.

Services Web Design
Date 2020
Location Clare, Ireland
Website Visit Here

Web Design Limerick | Branding Design Limerick | Amy Mc Design
Logo Design Limerick

Client Transformation

Michelle from Candles with Character went from being embarrassed of her website and telling people not to order from it, because it was so ineffective and hard to use…


Getting orders from all over Ireland with ease, as her website is now simply and effectively designed. No more back and forth in DMs with customers who are simply trying to order a candle. It all seamlessly happens on her website, as it should.

Logo Design Limerick

Financial Results

The new design more than doubled Michelle’s average orders in 2020 – even when the events she caters for were mostly cancelled!

After working with me

Before working with me

“Our orders more than doubled once Amy redesigned our website”

“Amy created a website for us at Candles with “Amy created a website for us at Candles with Character. She was so professional and so prompt. I would 100% recommend her to others. She did exactly what I asked for. I absolutely love our new website, it is so easy to use and so many people have responded as to how simple and modern it looks. And we more than doubled our average orders once Amy redesigned our website! Thank you so much Amy.”

Michelle Myatt
Candles with Character

Web Design Limerick | Branding Design Limerick | Amy Mc Design
Website Web Design Ennis Clare
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