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Dimple Design

Dimple Design are an independent Graphic Design studio providng stand out graphics for their clients. Ellen, the Creative Director, reached out to me to collaborate on bringing dimpledesign.ie to life. 

Having the design skills herself, Ellen was able to design the layout of the site offline first. I advised her on web design best practices to make sure when it came to development, she was putting her best foot forward. I took the design she gave me and developed it into a fully functioning, responsive WordPress website. 

This step is crucial, as it determines how the website functions in the real world and whether your site visitors have a good experience or not. It is also the step where your can bring more life to your site through animation. I was able to excute Ellen’s desired design fully while bringing my own website expertise to the project the elevate the site even further.

Services Web Development
Branding & Web Design Dimple Design
Date 2022
Location Roscommon, Ireland
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Logo Design Limerick

“I already feel more confident in my business now that I have a professional site to promote my work”

We recently worked with Amy to develop our website design into a fully responsive and functional website. This was our first experience designing a website so Amy’s expertise and advice were invaluable. We decided to hire Amy as the developer as opposed to doing it ourselves because her previous work was very professional and we wanted to be proud of our finished site. Amy was so patient with us and took the time to explain the how’s and why’s to her advice and guidance. She even went out of her way to learn new things so we could have different styles and functions on our site. Nothing was too much for her! Amy also took the time to record tutorials specifically for us and our site so that we knew how to update things in the future, but also made it very clear she is always there as a support if we need her. Amy walked us through the whole process with precision and care and I already feel more confident in my business now that I have a professional site to promote my work. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amy to work with, she’s a professional and a lovely person so the whole experience was just perfect. You will not regret working with her. We would invest in her again in the morning! Thank you Amy!

Ellen Egan
Dimple Design

Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick
Web Design Limerick

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