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Physio Strength Therapy

Sue Huet set up Physio Strength Therapy to bridge the gap between personal training and physical therapy services. Providing manual therapy, rehabilitation protocols and strength and conditioning programming, Sue aims to bring the injured client back to full function – whether that’s for activities of daily living or performance on the field.

The Physio Strength Therapy Branding Design focuses on the strength and progression Sue’s work provides for her clients. The letter “E” has been made to look like steps to show how her clients work towards the goal of being stronger and pain free. A strong yet balanced colour palette is used to communicate how she helps your clients but that they also have to put the work in themselves. This Branding is led by the path Sue sets out for her clients, so they know what steps to take to reach their goals.

The brand collateral I designed for this project includes signage for Sue’s clinic which is based in Leopardstown, Dublin.

Services Branding Design
Date 2022
Location Dublin, Ireland

Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick

Find out about Sue’s experience working with me to rebrand her business.

After working with me

Before working with me

Logo Design Limerick

Client Transformation

Sue went from having a business name and branding that didn’t connect fully with her purpose or her ideal clients…


Having a business name and branding design that clearly conveys what she’s all about. This branding will further establish her business as trustworthy and professional, while her thriving practice continues to grow. 

Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick

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