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Pipedream Productions

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Pipedream Productions is a Dublin-based film production company that needed a brand and website to showcase their work.

Branding Web Design Limerick
Branding Web Design Limerick

The branding draws inspiration from the roots of the term “pipedream,” referring to a hallucination induced by smoking an opium pipe. What I highlighted in reference to this was the vibrancy of the company and the imagination that goes into the work they produce. The “i’s” have been subtly changed to resemble pipes and a strong, luminous colour palette is also used to express this concept.

Branding Web Design Limerick
Another way to communicate Pipedream Productions unique perspective, was employing creative scroll and hover effects on the website. This includes an interactive hover effect in the footer that reacts to the user’s cursor.
Branding Web Design Limerick
Branding Web Design Limerick

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