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Spark Events

Spark Events is a boutique events agency that deliver exciting and unique events for their broad range of clients.

Jennifer, the Founder and Managing Director of Spark, knew that she needed branding and a website that matched the professionalism and creativity of her company. So she approached both me and Ellen Egan from Dimple Design, to take on this challenge and execute that for her.

Ellen worked with Jennifer to craft branding that communicates the ethos of the business and then took this branding and applied it to a custom website design. I consulted with Ellen and Jennifer at the website design stage to clarifiy that best practices were followed. I then took the approved design and developed it into a fully functioning, responsive WordPress website.

Services Web Development
Branding & Web Design Dimple Design
Date 2022
Location Kildare, Ireland
Website Visit Here

Logo Design Limerick
Logo Design Limerick
Web Design Limerick

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