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June 1, 2021

MYTH: Branding design is just a logo

This is something I see a lot of business-owners believing. But I completely understand why this might be the case, it’s usually because there’s no one putting in the effort to explain why this isn’t the case. And if branding is not your area of expertise, how are you supposed to know all the ins and outs? 

Branding design is in fact, at the very least, made up of 4 essential visual elements. Each of which has sub-categories. Keep reading to get to know the categories, as they are each important for your business.

1. Logo Design

Primary Logo (Your main logo to be used in the most prominent places)

Alternative Logo (A more condensed version of your primary logo to be used in secondary places)

Submark (A symbol of your brand that can be used in the smallest places eg. website favicon)

2. Colour Palette

You will have a colour palette of about 6 colours that represent your brand. You need the correct colour values of these colours when using them in different places.

For screen (website, social media etc.) you’ll need to know:

RGB colour values

Hex Codes

For print (business cards, leaflets etc.) you’ll need to know:

– Uncoated CMYK colour values

Coated CMYK colour values

Uncoated Pantone colour values

Coated Pantone colour values Female Entrepreneurs Ireland | Branding & Web Design | Amy Mc Design

3. Brand Fonts

You will need a font for your:


Body copy

4. Brand Guidelines

A pdf guide detailing all the elements and rules of your branding across relevant media. Following these guidelines will keep all of your future designs consistent and correct. So as you can see branding design is a lot more than a logo! I hope this helps you the next time someone tells you you just need a logo for your business. You can refer back to this post to get a clear explanation of what branding design ACTUALLY is.


Let me know in the comments of you found this post useful and if you now understand that branding design is more than a logo.


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