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Are you a business in Ireland that needs Web Design help?

Make sure you have a website that helps grow your business with my Web Design services.

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Web Design

Your website is the hub of your business’s online presence. And it has a huge impact on your success.

Professional web design has many benefits for your business

  • A professional website will prove that your business is legit
  • This strong positive impression will build trust with your customers
  • This credibility and trust will boost your business’s reputation and revenue

My web design process includes the following steps

Domain & hosting setup
 Gathering content
 Initial design
 Design feedback
 Develop approved design
 Site launch

An effective website can’t be thrown together with no strategic or design foundations

Web Design Ireland

A website is a huge, technical undertaking that requires strategic thinking as well as design thinking.

You need technical knowledge and experience to get your desired outcomes from a website – so it’s worth your time and money!

A website is a big investment for your business, but you know you will hugely miss out if your website is not up to scratch. You’ve also learned that half committing to sorting out your website gets you nowhere either. You have go all in to get the results you want, that will stand to your business for years!

Web Design Ireland

“Our orders more than doubled once Amy redesigned our website”

Michelle Myatt
Candles with Character

More about my Web Design process…

Stage 1 Domain & hosting setup

First things first, you will need to buy your domain name and your website hosting. Buying your own domain name and hosting ensures that you are the owner of your website and you are in control of it.

Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website. You buy a domain from a hosting service for an annual fee.

Website hosting is when a hosting company allocates space for your website on a server. It’s where your website lives on the internet. You buy hosting from a hosting service for an annual fee.

I’ll help you buy and set up your domain and hosting correctly so your website performs to the highest level. Website hosting is a huge factor in things like website speed, so choosing the correct host for your website is so important.

Stage 2 Gathering content

Since we will have had a consultation call to start the project, I will know what your goals are for your website and what kind of content will best support these goals. So once your domain name and hosting is set up, I will ask for initial content for the site. What I will need includes written content about you and your business, photographs that you want to feature on the site, products/services information and relevant business information (contact details, opening hours, shipping information and costs etc.)

I provide content prompts for my client for their written content, so you won’t be at a loss at what to say. Everything is broken down into small paragraphs so you know what written content your website needs and it won’t be an overwhelming task.

The more content I get from a client at the start of a project the better as I’ll be able to design with the exact content in mind. I can use placeholder content in my initial design if need be, but like I said the more final content I receive at the start of a project the better.

Stage 3 Initial design

With your brand guidelines, written, visual and business content and the functions that your sites needs to have in mind, I will begin to design your website. I will design a first draft of your whole site so you can get familiar with how your whole site will look.

Once this first draft is ready, we’ll have a Zoom call where I’ll walk through the design so you can understand it and we can talk it through.

Stage 4 Design feedback

Once I get your feedback from the first design presentation, I’ll implement it into the next design and get that ready to present to you.

We’ll have one more design presentation where you can give one more round of feedback to implement into the final website design.

Stage 5 Develop approved design

When these two rounds of feedback have been received and implemented, the final website design will be ready for your approval. Once the design is approved, I can begin to develop this site.

I develop my websites on WordPress. WordPress is a great platform and is very popular for websites in Ireland and around the world. WordPress is free to install on your website hosting. You will only need to pay if you need a function that is only possible on WordPress through a premium plugin. Through our consultation process I will let you know if a function you require will require a premium plugin which will be charged at an annual fee.

Once the site is fully developed we will have one last call so you can have look at the site actually functioning on the internet. You can bring up any last questions you might have before we launch your website.

Stage 6 Site launch

Once the final functionality tests are done, your wonderful website is ready to launch!

I’ll give you log in details and video tutorials of how to update certain areas of your website so you are in control of it. Some people think WordPress is difficult to navigate, but I make sure all my clients can easily make updates to their site.

Web Design Ireland

“I worked with Amy to redesign my website as part of the Trading Online Voucher and I have no hestitation in recommending her.”

Grainne Travers
Grainne Travers Nutrition

Web Design Ireland

Branding & Web Design Package

Investment €4,497* (50% upfront, 50% on completion)

Timeline 10-16 weeks


 All of the above Branding Design Package


 Email signature design (Gmail)

 10 Branded icons

 1 additional print items of your choice (Business card, leaflet, menus etc.)

 Email opt-in freebie pdf design


– 10 page WordPress website (Including a blog page and an Instagram links page)

 Email freebie opt-in integration**

 On-page SEO

 Mobile & tablet responsive design

 1-hour session covering how to edit and add content to your website

 Website tutorial videos for future use

 Domain name email address set up

 1 year of WordPress maintenance (Essential for your website’s security & performance)

* Your domain name and hosting will be an additional annual fee. Required premium WordPress plugins will be an additional annual fee

**You will need an account with an email marketing provider

Additional services you may need along with the Branding & Web Design Package

E-Commerce Shop

Investment €497 for shop with 50 products set up

Additional products in your shop

Investment €47 per product after 50 products

Payments/Bookings page

Investment €197

Additional webpage

Investment €47

Additional year of Website Maintenance
(Essential for your website’s security & performance)

Investment €397

“We are very pleased with our website. Our online orders have incresed and we made back our investment in Amy’s services in less than 6 months”

Tony & Imelda Lynch
The Long Dock

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

“What is WordPress? How does it work?”

WordPress is a free Content Management System for self-hosted websites. So it is where your website is developed and managed.

 WordPress works on a system of themes and plugins. Themes provide the tools to control how your website looks. Plugins provide different functions for your site. For example, if you want customers to be able to book an appointment with you, you will use an appropriate booking plugin. Another example is if you want to integrate your email marketing into your website so people can sign up to your mailing list, you will use the appropriate plugin to do so.

Most of the functions that you need will be available for free on WordPress. But sometimes if you need a more complex function, that might only be available in WordPress through a premium plugin. Through our consultation process, I will let you know if a function you require will require a premium plugin which will be charged at an annual fee.

“Does WordPress work for e-commerce sites?”

Yes. In fact, it is one of the most popular Content Management System for e-commerce websites.

WooCommerce is the built in e-commerce function within in WordPress, that provides all the basic things you’ll need to set up you online shop. Again, if you require a more complex function you might need to use a premium plugin which will be charged at an annual fee.

“Will I own my domain name and web hosting?”

Yes. I think it’s important for all my clients to actually own their own domain name and website hosting. This means that you are the one who is ultimately in control of your website unlike your profiles on social media platforms. 

This is why I recommend where to purchase your domain name and hosting but you buy it yourself. 

“Do I really need website maintenance?”

WordPress website maintenance is essential for your website’s security and performance. As WordPress is a free platform for self-hosted websites, website maintenance isn’t taken care automatically. The themes and plugins that are used in WordPress are developed by different developers and are regularly updated to get rid of glitches and improve security.

 Your web designer should be responsible for making sure your theme and plugins are regularly updated on your site. Not doing so can lead to your site not functioning properly and being more susceptible to website hacks.

And this isn’t something you can necessarily do yourself, as each time a theme or plugin is updated it potentially could conflict with another plugin, that could cause glitches to appear on your live site for your customers to see and you don’t want that!

This is why I do the necessary updates for my clients sites on a staging site (a version of the site that isn’t the live version). This means that if errors do occur I have a chance to fix them without disturbing the live site. This is want you want and this is why professional website maintenance is essential!

Web Design Ireland

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