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Our orders more than doubled once Amy redesigned our website”

Michelle Myatt
Candles with Character

We made back our investment in Amy’s services in less than 6 months”

Tony & Imelda Lynch
The Long Dock

“The whole process has given me a clear vision for my business”

Grainne Travers
Grainne Travers Nutrition

I’ve helped my clients get results like this and I’d love to help you next!

I know branding & websites can be overwhelming, especially when

  • There is so much information out there and you don’t know who to listen to or where to start
  • As the owner of your business, you feel like you should know the solutions for everything yourself, without getting professional help
  • It sometimes feels like designers speak a different language
  • You thought your branding & website was a small part of your business that you could easily tackle on your own or get a friend to do for you
  • To get your branding and website right is actually much harder and much more time-consuming than you thought
  • It actually feels really overwhelming and like a constant task on your to-do list
  • You’re afraid professional branding & web design won’t even make a difference to the growth of your business

Sound familiar?


The cold hard truth is that you are leaving money on the table by not using design to your advantage. You’re missing an experienced designer who knows how to put the pieces of the puzzle together effectively for you.

Web Design Limerick | Branding Design Limerick | Amy Mc Design

High-quality branding design isn’t a generic logo you can buy online

Branding is the visual expression your unique brand message. It encompasses every visual aspect of your business. And it is made up of your Primary Logo, Alternative Logo, Submark, Colour Palette, Fonts and Brand Pattern. And all of this information will be housed in your Brand Guidelines document for you to refer to, to keep everything you need designed for your business consistent and correct.

If your Branding isn’t rooted in your brand message then it won’t feel right to you or impress your clients. You’ll end up with something that you want to constantly change, have no confidence in and most significantly it won’t help grow your business!

Web Design Limerick | Branding Design Limerick | Amy Mc Design

An effective website can’t be thrown together with no strategic or design foundations

A website is a huge, technical undertaking that requires strategic thinking as well as design thinking. You need technical knowledge and experience to get your desired outcomes from a website so it’s worth your time and money!

A website is a big investment for your business, but you know you will hugely miss out if your website is not up to scratch. You’ve learned that half committing to sorting out your website gets you nowhere either. You have go all in to get the results you want, this will stand to your business for years!

Client Transformations

Check out the huge transformations my client’s have experienced after they worked with me 

After working with me
Before working with me

Michelle from Candles with Character went from being embarrassed of her website and telling people not to order from it, because it was so ineffective and hard to use…


Getting orders from all over Ireland with ease, as her website is now simply and effectively designed. No more back and forth in DMs with customers who are simply trying to order a candle. It all seamlessly happens on her website, as it should.

The new design more than doubled her average orders in 2020 – even though the events she caters for were mostly cancelled!

After working with me
Before working with me

Grainne Travers went from struggling to communicate how knowledgeable and experienced she is and not effectively presenting herself to the right clients…


Having branding and a website that showcases her as the experienced professional she is. And this branding and website is completely aimed at communicating and impressing the target market she loves working with.

After working with me
Before working with me

After working with me

Before working with me
After working with me
Before working with me
After working with me
Before working with me

The Long Dock went from having packaging that was doing the standard of their delicious products a disservice and little to no online sales…


Having unique branding & packaging design for all their products. This new design vastly increased their online orders on their new, easy to use website dedicated to selling their products.

This jump in sales even lead to them making back the investment they made in my services in less than 6 months!

After you work with me…

  • Your business will attract more clients – clients who are excited to engage with your business.

  •  You will be confident that your branding and website works for you! No more questioning yourself and going down a Google rabbit-hole looking for answers.
  • Your business will finally stand out and begin to be recognised as you will have a strong visual language in place, that is unique to you and your business.
  • You will know how to keep this visual language cohesive across all of your social media platforms, giving your posts the professional edge they’ve been missing!

Learn about all the stages of my results focused design process…

Understand what happens at each stage so you know what to expect when we work together

Stage 1 Uncover your unique brand message

Sometimes as business-owners when we get bogged down and when we aren’t achieving our goals, we begin to think that there’s nothing unique about us or our business. I get it, I’ve been there! But I guarantee there are plenty of things that make you and your business unique, sometimes you just need an outside pair of eyes to help you see it. This is where Stage 1 of my design process comes in. We gather all the vital information we need to bring your dream design to life.

During this stage we will

Uncover the true purpose of your business

Define who your ideal client is

Uncover what problem your business solves for them

Uncover what differentiates you from your competitors

Define the story of your business and how you’ve gotten to where you are today

Learn how you want your ideal clients to feel about your business

Stage 2 Get inspired

Now that I’ve got all the juicy information needed to create a fantastic design, it’s time to start getting visual. What I mean by this is it’s time for me to start gathering images that will serve as inspiration for your project. You may have heard of moodboards before and that’s essentially what this stage is. Images can include designs from other companies that share a similar tone and creative direction to what you are looking for. Photographs that may help inspire your colour palette. Images of any unique visuals that are already associated with your business.

This stage is important because

It’s a chance to see what other high-standard design is out there

Establish a strong design direction for your project

Makes sure there’s a clear vision before the actual design work starts

Stage 3 Design Time

Now that I have both the info and the visuals, what you’ve been waiting for – the actual design can begin! I take the time to start sketching out initial ideas, experimenting with different visuals and developing the best designs to a point where they are good enough to show you and be considered a starting point for your final design!

During this stage

I will do all the designer magic I need to do behind the scenes to have two amazing design options to show you

We will have a design presentation Zoom call where I’ll walk you through each of the design directions in detail

You will understand why each design decision was made and understand how it relates back to your unique brand message

You will get to see the design brought to life in mock ups so you get a good sense of how to design will exist in the real world

You will be able to give your initial feedback on what you like or don’t like about the design directions

Stage 4 Final Tweaks

This stage is all about refining your chosen design direction so it really looks and feels like you! You will have given initial feedback in the first design presentation and I will take this into consideration for the next round and so on.

During this stage

I will implement the feedback you gave in the first design presentation and make the necessary changes

We will have another design presentation on Zoom so you can see the changes I made and let me know if there is anything else you would like changed or added

If there is, I will again take these changes into consideration and do one last round of design

Then we will have our final design presentation where you can see your final, beautiful design in all it’s glory before it’s out in the real world

You will start to get really excited about getting this design out there!

Stage 5 The Big Reveal!

Finally all the hard work and rounds of feedback are done and your design is ready to go!

During this stage you will receive

All the files you need ie. Logo files, Social media image files, any print-ready files you required – business card, leaflets, menus etc.

A link to purchase your brand fonts so you can use it on your own deceive in the future

Access to your social media templates in Canva

Your all important brand guidelines that house all the information about your design and will keep all future designs consistent and correct

1-hour session on how to edit your social media templates in Canva and tutorial videos for future use

You will book in your Brand Review session for 2 months after your project launches, so we can have a check in and make sure you are keeping your branding consistent



“Amy understood exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely be happy to work with her again”

Erika Fox
Retro Flame

Your branding & website is the face of your business…

Let’s work together to make sure your design makes a great first impression and attracts more clients.

Branding Design Package

Investment €1,997 (50% upfront, 50% on completion)

Timeline 4-6 weeks

2 initial design directions with 2 rounds of feedback

 Primary logo, Alternative Logo & Submark

 Colour Palette

 Brand Font selection*

 Brand Pattern

 Brand Guidelines

 Logo Animations

 Social Media cover & profile images

 6 brand launch social media posts

 Branded content for 5 Instagram highlights

 10 social media templates in Canva Pro**

 1-hour session covering how to edit these templates in Canva Pro

 Canva Pro tutorial videos for future use

 2 print items of your choice (Business card, leaflet, menu etc.)

 1-hour Brand Review session 2 months after your project has launched. In this review I can see how you are doing with your social media templates and you can ask me anything so you feel confident you are keeping your brand cohesive online

*If the font selected is a premium font, you will need to purchase relevant font license to use the font on your own device

**Canva Pro subscription required

Additional services you may need along with the Branding Design Package

Packaging Design

Investment Starts at €497

Timeline Adds 2-4 weeks to the Branding Design Package timeline

Branding & Web Design Package

Investment €4,497* (50% upfront, 50% on completion)

Timeline 10-16 weeks


 All of the above Branding Design Package


 Email signature design (Gmail)

 10 Branded icons

 1 additional print items of your choice (Business card, leaflet, menus etc.)

 Email opt-in freebie pdf design


– 10 page WordPress website (Including a blog page and an Instagram links page)

 Email freebie opt-in integration**

 On-page SEO

 Mobile & tablet responsive design

 1-hour session covering how to edit and add content to your website

 Website tutorial videos for future use

 Domain name email address set up

 1 year of WordPress maintenance (Essential for your website’s security & performance)

* Your domain name and hosting will be an additional annual fee. Required premium WordPress plugins will be an additional annual fee

**You will need an account with an email marketing provider

Additional services you may need along with the Branding & Web Design Package

E-Commerce Shop

Investment €497 for shop with 50 products set up

Additional products in your shop

Investment €10 per product after 50 products

Payments/Bookings page

Investment €197

Additional webpage

Investment €47

Additional year of WordPress maintenance (Essential for your website’s security & performance)

Investment €397

Monthly Social Media Design Package

Investment €297 a month (Upfront)

Content You provide the content you want to feature and I will design your the posts for you

Process Once I have finished the designs I will send them back to you to post to your social media channels

What you get

– 15 news feed posts designed in line with your Brand Guidelines

– 15 story posts designed in line with your Brand Guidelines

“Amy helped me put order to the many aspects I wanted my design to represent”

Margaret Curran
Margaret Curran Art Therapy

  • You can continue to struggle to grow your business with just a logo and ineffective website that you know isn’t working for you…


  • You can finally get the unique and effective branding and the strategically designed website that you know will help to grow your business!
  • You can keep going around in circles trying to figure it all out yourself and keep asking favours from friends who don’t know much more than you…


  • You can get the expertise from an experienced professional to help you finally progress even further in your business journey!

The choice is yours…

Where you are in 6 months will be the result of what you choose to do now.

So tell me, where do you want to be in 6 months from now?

“I learned so much about my business and the strategic direction I want to bring it in”

Lorraine Hand

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“It’s too expensive”

I understand that professional branding & web design is a significant investment for your business. But that’s exactly what it is, an investment. An investment that’s necessary to get you the result you really want – growing your business.

I have been careful to set my prices according to the amount of time I put into my projects, the quality of the work and the results I can get for my clients.

As a small business owner myself, I understand it can be scary to invest in your business. But from my experience, investing in areas of my business that are a weakness for me, have been huge positives for me and my business. If you want to grow your business without investing in areas you need help in, you are going to waste time constantly coming up against brick walls that you can’t figure your way around. If you’re serious about growing your business, it’s time to invest.

Remember, that the prices of my bigger packages are broken down into 2 payments, that will be at least 4 weeks apart, to make it more manageable for you.

“It's not the right time, I’m not ready”

Why is now not the best time? In my experience, there’s no such thing as feeling ready. So if you genuinely know this isn’t the time for you then that’s ok, I totally respect that. But if your intuition is nudging you to do this and you believe fear is what’s really stopping you – I’d love to talk more with you about it. Which one do you believe it is for you?

“I can figure out how to do this on my own”

You can absolutely find branding & website advice on Youtube and Google. But unless you already have high-qulaity branding and web design, I’m guessing it hasn’t worked so well for you. It’s hard to piece together branding and your website from bits and pieces of videos on Youtube. Especially when one person tells you one thing and another is telling you something completely different! It can be confusing and overwhelming!

And most importantly, it takes a lot of time. Time you could be spending on more important things like giving your clients the best experience possible. When we work together, I’ll take everything to do with your branding & website off your plate, freeing up the hours you’d have to spend on it yourself. I’ll bring my 6 years of experience to your project so that your branding & website will grow your business without you getting confused by where to go with your branding and avoiding all the technical headaches a website will cause you!

“I just want a simple logo and website. I don’t need a complicated design package”

I don’t create logos on their own because without a whole branding strategy and package to go with it, it won’t have anywhere near the professionalism it needs to make an impact. A branding package may not seem like a priority now, but it actually is exactly what you need. Almost all of my clients who came to me thinking they just needed a logo on its own, soon realised how important having a fully designed branding package is for their business.

So they went for it, which didn’t just save them money but it also saved them the time and hassle of coming back to me in a few months time when they realised they needed to know their colour palette, they needed social media images, an alternative logo and that their printer needed print-ready files for their business cards/leaflets etc.

Instead of doing things bit by bit, you can get it all done in one go and save hundreds of euro by going for the package now. As I like to remind people, get your branding done well, get it done once!

Regarding websites, a “simple” website can often mean an ineffective website. What I mean by that is that you can have a “simple” website that is basically just a link you can send to people to prove your business exists, but that’s about it. You aren’t getting your desired results despite the fact that you have this website, so there must be something missing! And what is missing is strategy as well as design! You have to have goals in mind when it comes to your website and then the whole site needs to be designed with these goals in mind.

Skimping on the amount of web pages and functions that your website actually needs to reach these goals, because you’re afraid to invest the money now, is actually costing you money because it is one of the reasons your business is not growing at the rate you want it to.

Ask yourself, is this how my website was designed or is strategy and the necessary functions completely missing from your site?

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